Co-op/ Internship Resources

This page provides you with co-op/internship search platforms, recent co-op/internship postings, and networking and job searching tips. 

Co-op/Internship Search Platforms 

NU Works

NU’s career management portal  designed to connect you to career and co-op opportunities. 


A job search and campus recruiting platform built specifically for university students and alumni. 


More than a job searching too, LinkedIn is a great platform to use to make professional connections.


A worldwide website for job searching, with millions of opportunities to explore.


A worldwide website for job searching and a database to learn more about employers.


A job searching and career management tool designed to customize your search. 

Co-op/Internship Postings

Career Development has put a document together to list all the co-op/internship postings from our employer partners and companies in the greater Seattle area and beyond. This page will be updated bi-weekly with relevant information. You can also find these opportunities listed in our Career Development Digest sent to your Northeastern email address.

Career Tools

Practice Interviews

Big Interview allows you to practice interviews online using your webcam. It offers a range of question types for practice, including general, behavioral, and technical questions.

Additionally, the platform features a “Build Answer” tool, which assists you in recalling and crafting suitable stories to respond to interview questions effectively. You also have the option to record your responses and seek feedback from a Career Development Advisor to refine your interview skills.


Big Interview also offers a ResumeAI feature that provides instant feedback and coaching on your resume writing. This tool evaluates your resume regarding readability, credibility, ATS (Applicant Tracking System) compatibility, and other crucial aspects. It also enables you to compare your resume with a specific job description, guiding you to tailor it for the best match with the role.


Forage is an online platform that offers students access to virtual experiential learning projects in partnership with top companies. Students can choose from various skill-building projects across different industries and disciplines. These experiential learning projects allow students to gain practical experience, build their resumes, and develop their professional skills in as little as 3-4 hours.

Networking Tips

  1. Target specific organizations on career and job pages
  2. Network with alumni and industry professionals through informational interviewing, and attending networking events such as conferences or meetup groups.
  • Join NUsource to get connected with alumni.

In addition to industry and networking events organized on campus, you can participate in events, hackathons, or join meetup groups in the Seattle Area.

Check out upcoming networking events from these sites.

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Job Search Tips


1. Use a variety of keywords on search sites to expand your search for opportunities.

  • Software Development : Use keywords “software developer intern”, “software engineer intern”, “software intern”.
  • Data Analytics/Data Science : Use keywords such as “data analytics intern”, “data analyst intern”, “business analyst intern”, “business intelligence intern”, “data science intern”.
  • Project Management : Use keywords such as “project management Intern”, “program management intern” and “product management intern”.

2. Expand your search beyond companies. There are many non-profits organizations and government agencies (e.g. City of Seattle, Puget Sound Energy) that offer great internship opportunities.

3. Set up job alerts on job search sites to stay updated on most recent postings.

        Essentials for Career Preparation

        What is a resume?

        A resume is typically a one-page marketing tool designed to get you an interview. Your goal is to use the space on the page to, at a glance, communicate your value and provide evidence of your capabilities. Your resume will summarize your education, experience, and accomplishments to present the skills that are relevant to your career objectives. It is up to you to make a connection between your skills and background to the requirements of the job.

        View resume resources here.

        What is Informational Interviewing?

        An informational interview is a 20-30 minute meeting where you are interviewing an individual either in person, virtually through Skype, or over the phone to learn more about your industry/career of interest, discover potential job leads, and clarifying your career development goals.

        View informational interviewing resources here.

        What is LinkedIn?

        LinkedIn is a free online network for professional networking with more than 400 million members in 200 countries and 170 industries.

        View LinkedIn resources here.